Javea, from beaches to living chess

Among the Valencian cities in Spain is Javea, in the north coast of Alicante, surrounded by beaches and a lovely climate.

This picturesque town delights its visitors with its buildings typical of a coastal town such as the towers or the classic port churches, as well as a cuisine rich in seafood and local dishes that you can only find here.

javea town
Javea picturesque town

Javea is one of those perfect cities for a relaxing holiday getaway, away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. After a year of quarantine lockdown, it is normal to feel anxious to get back out and feel in touch with the world again, and at the same time be able to relax in a place that can offer you both tranquility and a good tourist experience.

With its more than eleven beaches, including coves, sandy beaches such as the Arenal, the first mountain, formed of tosca perfect for diving, to the nudist beach of Javea, is ideal for sea lovers who want to enjoy this in various ways. To be able to make a tour of all these, in a kind of beach tourism, it is best to have your own means of transport.

While the city’s transportation is very good, since the coast completely surrounds the city, it can become cumbersome. To facilitate the transfer there are services such as Victoria Cars Javea where you can rent a car while you are in town, which will also facilitate the choice of lodging.

In addition to the beaches, Javea has interesting buildings that are an immediate journey through time, such as the towers that were lit one by one when enemy ships were glimpsed, and of which two are preserved in perfect condition. The magnificent architecture of the church of San Bartolomé whose bell tower can be seen from any part of the city, or visit the mills dating from the fourteenth century, each building being a story of the history of the city.

The best dates to visit Javea are between June and July due to the celebration of festivities such as the bonfires of San Juan, the Moors and Christians in which there is a representation of the Moorish invasion, and the most striking, the Living Chess, which is considered a festival of tourist interest, in which a play is held in which people represent chess pieces, a complete delight to the eyes of the spectators.

Javea is one of those culturally and geographically enriched cities that you should visit at least once in your life, and you will surely want to return.

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