Madonna’s overall message throughout her career

Madonna’s overall message throughout her career

All posts written in this blog are strictly opinions. They represent the writer’s view and, while they may be based on facts, they are mostly written from a personal perspective.

It is important to clarify the above because if I say: “Madonna loves life above all”, it might sound as if this was a fact or as if I knew Madonna well, which I don’t. Or as if I considered myself one of the most proficient connoisseurs of Madonna, which I’m not.

However, my impression is that Madonna loves life above everything or so I choose to believe, and this is how I want to express it. As if it was a fact. This will happen all throughout the Madonna category of this blog.

Titles and many things you will see in any blog or written media are, obviously, figures of speech. In this case, I am sure that Madonna loves her children above all and would give her life for any of them, just as any mother would do.

I am NOT going to explain or justify myself every time I write a post, so don’t expect me to legitimise or substantiate everything I say and write.

That said, let me start this first post, which I want to dedicate to a person I follow on Twitter.

Madonna loves life
Madonna loves life

Madonna loves life above all

If I had to point out just one overall thing that Madonna has conveyed consistently throughout her career is precisely that life is precious and beautiful and that we’re here to make the best of it, not to be mere spectators.

This one concept is constantly displayed in Madonna’s albums, live performances and declarations, whether they be interviews, documentaries, or speeches.

But make no mistake. Madonna is not frivolous when she talks about making a better life for yourself (implicitly or explicitly). Contrary to popular belief, and if you really listen, you’ll never hear from Madonna that life is about having fun, being rich or any of those simple pleasures. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

The message she wants to get across is not only that life can be beautiful, but also that in order for you to make it valuable, you must work really hard for it. So, in reality, when it comes to having the best possible life, Madonna doesn’t make concessions: your life will be what you want to make of it, but if you don’t want it to be mediocre, you will need to work your ass off because nothing worth having comes easy.

Having said that, it really amazes and saddens me to get acquainted with some young people who really love Madonna and at the same time are sick and tired or bored of their lives (my god, some are only 16, 17, 18!!).

I don’t want to come across as judgemental. Even though I can understand that it is possible to feel that way and at the same time being a huge fan of Madonna, I just cannot relate.

This doesn’t mean that I am a completely self-realised person, that I have achieved happiness or all the goals I set out to achieve. I do know that life is hard and that it doesn’t always evolve as we had planned (most of us don’t even plan, we just let our life lead us instead of the other way around, and that’s usually the problem).

However, fulfilment doesn’t lie in the good things that happen to us, but in the way we react to the things, good or bad, that happen to us. And I am almost sure that Madonna would agree 100%.

What I’ve learnt so far and Madonna would agree

If you wait for good things to just happen to you in order to be happier, you’ll probably never be satisfied or content. Celebrate life and MAKE things happen. Don’t wait.

If you avoid doing certain things because you’ve never done them before or because you’re afraid, you’ll probably miss out the best things in life, those which give us tons of experience or make us stronger.

If you complain about the bad things that happen to you or blame others, instead of trying to find a way out, you’ll probably end up a bitter old grouch.

If you are worrying constantly and focusing on the problems you have and the negative things on your life, you’re only creating more of the same. Focus on finding solutions and don’t let your problems take the lead of your life.

Are you with me? (Pun intended).

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