Madonna’s 14th Album Is Taking its Time

When is Madonna’s new album coming out?

When will Madonna release her new album is something all her fans want to know. Well here is the short answer: we don’t know. 

We learned ages ago, or so it seems, that Madonna was working in a new album, yet no single has been released as of today (July 2018). It’s not that I’m in a hurry or anything, take your time, girl.

Today, Madonna’s newest album continues to be Rebel Heart, released in 2015.

Madonna started giving hints regarding new music as early as December 2017, during her appearance at the Kelly and Ryan Show. “2017 was soccer mom, 2018 I’m coming back, baby”, she said.

When is Madonna's new album coming out

New music from Madonna: the teasing starts. January 2018

Ever since, we, the fans, have been running around like headless chickens in social media wondering when in 2018 we would have Madonna new album in our shelves and devices. A “new era”, fans call it.

In January @MadonnaNation posted a tweet and a couple of photographs: #Madonna photographed in London today January 17, 2018 leaving a recording studio. Madonna confirmed earlier today on Instagram that she is working on a new album. 🎉 💃🏼

When is Madonna’s new album coming out!! $%&/(·$%

Of course, the news had a media repercussion, triggering great stir. Since then, hundreds of fans have been picking up the story. Back in January, @Julieroot4 also published: Great way to start the day seeing @Madonna posting about working on new music and @CommonMadgeFan said: Just yesterday, hours before @Madonna’s Instagram post about making new music, I was still afraid we won’t get any music in 2018… lucky for us, she’s really back in the studio. So cheers!

Next Madonna Album M14

I’m having fun in the studio, Madonna says. March – April 2018

On 8th March, Madonna herself tweeted: Be Patient Bishes……………I have not forgotten what GOD put me on this 🌏🌎🌍 to do! 🎼🎤🎶🎵🎶🎼🌪🌪🌪 😂🌈💕🎉#music #makes #the #people #come #together 👑 #patience 🙏🏻

And four days later she posted a video with caption:

Make Amazing Music with brilliant songwriters! 🎼🎹🎶🎤♥🥊 #secret

Also in April, she further posted a video singing some song, making it clear that … see below

No This is NOT my new music 🎶💕🎶💕🎶🎶💕🎶💕 But im having fun in the studio in between takes!! 💕💕🌈🎤🎼🎶. #music #mirwais #magic 🔥

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Madonna: new music in 2018? Mm14?

The following article in the media was published in April by The Express of UK: Madonna new album 2018: Star drops BIG hint on new music – collaborating with THIS star?, referring to Mirwais.

Is Madonna’s new album a Beautiful Game? May 2018

We didn’t have much more news about Madonna making a new album until May. After her appearance and performance at the MET Gala New York, where she sang a few verses of what could be a new single – Beautiful Game –, Official Charts published a post confirming Madonna and Mirwais were working together, but no news about when Madonna’s new album would be released.

Madonna new album M14 leaks – Rumore, rumore

In May there were rumours that Madonna’s new album of 2018 had leaked online. It turns out that this was nothing but fake news. A few media on the internet picked up on the story, smart as they are, but there’s no evidence to support that Madonna’s new album, song titles or music have leaked. She’d be up through the roof if that were the case. So no chance.

Madonna continues to tease around new album but nothing. June 2018

In June, Idolator and other online media picked up on a new tweet that Madonna published on 5th.

Is Madonna’s next album going to be released in 2018? Crickets chirp…

Idolator issued a post titled: Studio Sessions & Cryptic Tweets: Madonna’s New LP Is Slowly Coming Together, based on the tweet.

So, what next?

The teasing continues.

On and off, Madonna has been teasing us with hashtags, new music, names, hints, collaborations,


Session # 3 finished with Disco God 🕺🏻Mirwais 🤐🤐🤐 #music #method #magic #mothership


Until I can Share MY music……. I’m sending Love from Lisbon! 🌈💕🌈💕🌈💕missing NY and the fierceness of the LGBT community that gave me life from the moment I landed there!! For Me, Pride Month is every month! This 👑 Bows down to every Gay Boy that.

but nothing is clear. Don’t complaint, I did warn you.

Not saying that she must release her album asap. I’m just impatient. As I’m sure you are too. I guess there’s a lot of truth in what Rolling Stone online said earlier in the year: Madonna’s new album is one of the most anticipated of 2018.

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